Born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn, I've learned to appreciate everything that surrounds me in this great city. This is why my work as a photographer and painter have been dedicated to preserving life in this concrete jungle I call home. Since 2008, I have been photographing my neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn and the preservation of the culture that is rapidly declining and changing everyday.

My focus has been to document the people that I am familiar with in my neighborhood and all of the people that have been in my life throughout my life in Bushwick. Gentrification began about 10 years ago in my neighborhood and when it first began I felt helpless as I watched the people around me disappear. One day I decided that maybe I should photograph what is left of the neighborhood as it is before it changes forever and so I picked up my camera and began my story on Bushwick. This project consist mostly of environmental portraits and landscapes of this beautiful place I call my home. In one specific area of my series, I photographed a man named Carmelo in what was left of the place he called home. When walking into the skeleton of the buildings remains, I was immediately taken back by how cold and musky the air was. We walked down into the basement were he lived and I was overwhelmed by all of his belongings. I decided to focus on photographing him sitting at his splintering table so I set up a small side light and began taking his portrait. By the time I was done, I had a great collection of images to add to my series.

Since picking up a camera for the first time in my life back in 2002, I have had a passion for photography. There is no greater feeling than that of reflecting back on memories that can no longer be relived the same way, through a photograph. I hope through my work, that I can document moments in our lifetime that will move and inspire people for many generations to come.